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About us:


Welcome  to SIA  Inlex Agency!  

   We hope your visit to our pages will contribute to your knowledge of the translation field and help you to make better-informed decisions when selecting a translation or interpretation provider. We believe that well-informed and demanding clients are our best asset.
   SIA Inlex Agency is a full-service translation and interpretation company serving the international communications needs of businesses, associations and government.
   SIA Inlex Agency was founded in 1992 to provide Latvian companies and persons with high-quality translations and interpretations that would enhance their competitiveness in global markets.  Although our client base has grown over the years, ranging from commercial firms and legal offices, to financial institutions, communications companies and public bodies both in Latvia and Europe.
   Our network of 200 experienced and professional translators, revisers and experts cover all languages and subjects.
    From 2004 up to now SIA Inlex Agency is engaged in translation of different kinds of documents from all EU Member States languages into Latvian for various EU institutions (more than 80000 pages is translated).
   SIA Inlex Agency is also engaged in publising.

Inlex Agency received ISO 9001:2015 certificate.

    Inlex Agency is a member of LTRK, ATA (USA) and ATC (UK).

   Pinhuss Kagans, the founder and the Head of the Board was educated as chemist  and has more than 50 years of translation, revising and proofreading experience. He has not only publications in various scientific journals but is also author of 3 terminological dictionaries

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